Some clarification

Some clarification

A friend and I were talking about my B Gata H Kei review, and he pointed out that I didn’t address a large part of the story, specifically Yamada and Kosuda’s interaction with the Kanejou siblings. To be honest, I thought that the post was dragging on, so I decided to not address it and hope that none of my 0 readers would notice. Alas, my prayers were left unanswered, my hopes dashed by jonman‘s sharp eye.

Anyway: I was wrong to suggest that there is nothing more than raging hormones between Yamada and Kosuda. There is plenty of evidence that suggests otherwise, primarily in the form of the Kanejou family. Kanejou Kyoka is a smokin’ hot transfer student who vies with Yamada for the position of “biggest bitch alive” “queen of the school.” In order to assert her dominance, Kyoka decides to try and steal Yamada’s boyfriend. If Kosuda were really just looking for a wet hole to fill, he probably would have fallen for her seduction and tried to bone her while the two alone in her room.  Similarly, Kyoka’s brother Keiichi—an extremely attractive Harvard Business School student—takes a liking to Yamada and asks her to be his girlfriend. Even after she learns that he is a virgin (one of the most important qualifications for her boyfriend), she still turns him down in favor of Kosuda. It’s plausible that Kosuda rejected Kyoka on a purely physical basis. Maybe he just finds Yamada more attractive. It seems unlikely; after all, a boob in hand is worth two in the bush. (xDDD) Regardless, there isn’t a chance in hell that Yamada would have turned down Keiichi if the only thing she had on her mind was getting her freak on. Clearly there’s something more going on here.

What the hell is my gripe, then, you ask? Sure, it’s out of wedlock, but my centuries-old puritanical fundamentalism and I can eat shit, right? They’re in love, nothing wrong with some dirty dirty sex, yeah?

This brings us to my main issue with the show. If I were just watching some horny, pea-brained teenagers trying to get it in, that wouldn’t have been so bad. That’s pure degeneracy, and it’s here to stay. I’ve been mostly desensitized. What bothers me is that Yamada and Kosuda—and society as a whole—have managed to defile love itself. The situation at hand is a double edged sword. On one hand, I’m glad to see that it’s still hard for us to divorce love and lust entirely. The downside of that, of course, is that as sex becomes more cheap and meaningless, one of two things will necessarily happen. One possibility is that we sever the connection between love and sex. If we do this, we lose an incredibly powerful means of expressing a critical—perhaps the most critical—emotion.  If we can’t separate the two, then the corruption will continue to spread, eventually engulfing love itself. This seems to be where Yamada and Kosuda are taking things. Their love was born of degeneracy (their desire to fuck each other without an emotional attachment) and breeds even more degeneracy (their even stronger desire to fuck each other overshadowing their emotional connection). What’s worse, these days, their story passes as “sweet” and “cute.” We’ve grown so accustomed to the filth that we dwell in that B Gata H Kei seems downright adorable in comparison. And that makes me sad.