There’s hope for you yet

Tatami Galaxy is tied with Ping Pong: The Animation for my favorite anime of all time, and this “simulator” that my good friend jonman over at Fine Whining and Breathing came up with captures a lot of what the story is trying to tell. If you’ve ever had a time of your life that you spent in constant regret, agonizing over what you could have done differently to make things better, check this out and brace for impact.

Tatami Galaxy Simulator 2016

1. Listen to this song in the background.

2. Read this extract:

MC: “I feel like something went awry with my life.”

Master: “Your life has not yet begun. You are spending overtime inside of your mother’s belly.”

MC: “It’s not that bad. I successfully obtained a life that people would be jealous of. But something is missing. Is this really it? There’s got to be some more meaningful life out there…More rose-colored, more sparkling! There might have been some college life with not a single dark cloud that would have satisfied me!”

Master: “What’s the matter? Are you half-asleep?”

MC: “I got to where I am by believing in my own potential! I’m not sure I’m saying it right…But why does my heart feel so cold? Maybe there’s a choice I should have made that would have led to some other possibility? Maybe the choices I made in my first year were wrong!”

Master: “You cannot use the word ‘possibility’ without limitations. Can you become a bunny girl? Can you become a pilot? Can you become a famous singer, or a superhero who saves the world with his powers?”

MC: “No, I can’t.”

Master: “Perhaps you could. But if you keep focusing your gaze on that which is unrealistic, you never will. The root of all your evil is in always relying on one of your other possibilities to get your wish. You must accept that you are the person here, now, and that you cannot become anymore else other than that person. There is no way that you can lead some worthwhile college life and feel satisfied. I guarantee it, so have confidence! There is no such thing as a rose-colored campus life, because there is nothing rose-colored in this world. Everything is all a bunch of colors mixed up, you see.”


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